MPCC Urges Centre to Declare Manipur Hailstorm as National Disaster, Seeks Rs 200 Crore Relief Package


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Imphal: The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has sought a relief package of Rs 200 crore from the Centre for the people affected by the recent violent hailstorms, while insisting on declaring it a national disaster.

The violent hailstorm, accompanied by strong winds, lashed Manipur on May 5, ravaging over 15,400 houses and causing extensive damage to seasonal crops and vegetables across the state.

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Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Keisham Meghachandra, in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, requested the latter to declare the “unprecedented natural disaster occurred in Manipur in the form of hailstorm with strong wind in extreme weather conditions in different parts of Manipur on May 5 as a national disaster and grant immediate relief of a minimum of Rs 200 crore for the affected people of the state in a time-bound manner”.

Meghachandra highlighted the severity of the situation, emphasizing that such a calamity of this scale has never been witnessed in Manipur’s history.

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