Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues Guidelines for Myanmar Nationals Sheltering in India

Around 400 Myanmarese move towards Indian Side of Indo-Myanmar border (Photo: Ukhrul Times)

Ukhrul: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government, Myanmar has released a notification outlining guidelines for Myanmar nationals seeking shelter in India due to security concerns in their home country. The Ministry in the notification issued on Tuesday urges all Myanmar nationals in India to strictly adhere to these regulations for the sake of mutual respect, cooperation, and stability.

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A day after the Myanmar government’s notification, the chief minister of Manipur on Wednesday stated [over X] that “The [Manipur] Government has detected a total of 5457 illegal immigrants in Kamjong District, Manipur as on May 7th, 2024. Out of the total, the biometric data of 5173 such illegal immigrants have been collected so far. Deportation process is underway. We have been giving humanitarian aides to all the illegal immigrants who were detected so far. Despite being an alarming situation, we have been handling it with utmost sensitivity.”

The key points of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Un

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