Naga Hoho appeals for free and fair election; Guns power detrimental to society

Naga Hoho
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Kohima: Naga Hoho while appealing for a free and fair election in the forthcoming Manipur 2022 polls in a press release Sunday pointed out a disturbing incident of pre-poll violence that occurred at Tobufii Village, Manipur on the night of February 18 where a group of armed miscreants threatened the president of NPF Youth 48-Mao Assembly Constituency.

Naga Hoho has issued a memorandum in this regard, appealing for a safe election environment. While it fervently appealed to all the Naga people and the national workers to abstain from creating unwanted situations in all Naga areas of Manipur during the ensuing Manipur polls 2022 in the best interest of its citizens, it condemned against the incident of February 18 threat, disturbing the contest of free and fair election.

“The Naga Hoho is disturbed by the ugly incident at Tobufii Village, Manipur; The Hoho condemn the cowardice act as such scare tactics have no place in election-related matters based on the fact that the Nagas are striving for unity among various sections of society vis-à-vis political settlement which is a large issue for the Nagas,” the release said.

The organisation furthermore stated that, “In a democratic state, every individual has the right to choose and exercise his/her franchise according to one’s will. It would be detrimental to society if any intending candidates and supporters tries to win over the electorates by sheer use of force in the form of intimidation through guns and muzzle power”.

“Naga people must vote and elect the right candidates who can represent the voice of the people and bring significant development for the people. The electorates must be given space to have free choices and decide what is best for the people,” Naga Hoho said.

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