Nagaland CM Rio Hands over Casio Laser LED Hybrid Projectors to TaFMA empanelled Music institutes

Rio said that despite the many challenges faced by the music fraternity due to the pandemic, TaFMA stood strong and continues to inspire Nagaland through their creative initiatives.

Kohima: Nagaland’s Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today handed over Casio Laser LED Hybrid Projectors to Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) empanelled Music institutes, TaFMA district partners and selected community based NGOs.

The project is an initiative of Casio India’s CSR program–Gyan Ki Roshni or Light of Knowledge.
Handing over the projectors at a function held at CM’s Banquet Hall, Rio said that Casio India has been a long time friend and partner to Nagaland’s music industry.

Today, Casio has taken another positive step to support and power the music institutions and musicians at the grassroots by donating laser hybrid projectors to Nagaland under their CSR programme.

Rio placed on record his appreciation and support for their future endeavours in the state.

Rio said that despite the many challenges faced by the music fraternity due to the pandemic, TaFMA stood strong and continues to inspire Nagaland through their creative initiatives.

Rio said that the state government has instituted Music Task Force (MTF) in 2003 to promote music as an industry, and to further encourage the artistic and creative pursuit of the youth in fashion, dances, crafts, literature, fine arts and more, MTF was rebranded to TaFMA in 2019.

Rio was all praise that music mission of Nagaland is making great strides.

The chief minister also lauded the leadership of TaFMA for consistently building networks and raising partnership across the country and globe. Through TaFMA, Nagaland has partners in Latvia, Russia and USA today.

He said that TaFMA has recently signed MoU with Asia Music Connect and plans are on to organize the Asia Music Summit soon.

On the initiative of Dr. AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory in Nagaland, the chief minister maintained that Dr. Rahman registered happiness over the talented Naga youth, thereby by sponsoring musicians particularly under privileged children.
Make Nagaland a centre of Music Rio said the state government has declared Music as an industry in Nagaland.

He said that music industry is not only for leisure and not only for singing among themselves or just singing in a function but music has huge business, much potential and opportunities for which youth of Nagaland have to excel.

Stating that music really brings joy and happiness, he stressed on the need to put a concerted effort and venture to make Nagaland a centre of Music.

Further, Rio assured fullest support to the youth and particularly the musicians to grow and excel.
The function was led by TaFMA project director Dr. Hovithal Sothu.

TaFMA advisor Theja Meru also present at the distribution ceremony.

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