Nagaland Film Association Affiliates with Federation of Film Societies of India

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Jotsoma: A programme in honour of the Film Association of Nagaland (FAN) affiliation with the Federation of Film Societies of India was held at RCEMPA, Jotsoma in Nagaland Wednesday. Vice President, Federation of Film Societies of India Asia-Pacific Secretary, International Federation of Film Societies, Premendra Mazumder graced the occasion as the guest of honour.

Premendra said there are over 350 regular film societies and over 150 campus film societies in colleges and universities all over the country. He added that the two prime objectives of film societies are to propagate film culture and promote better cinema.

Mazumder shared the struggles of filmmakers during the initial years of the industry. He also highlighted the changes in filmmaking and screening processes over the years and the impact of social media on films. He stated that to understand good films, one has to watch them, again and again, to dissect them frame by frame.

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He highlighted the various film-related activities taken up by the Federation of Film Society of India all over the country. Mazumder also suggested various steps and initiatives that the State Government and FAN can take to promote the film industry in Nagaland.

Wabang Moa, FAN member, delivering his short overview of FAN, shared the history of FAN and the struggles of filmmakers in the past. The welcome address was delivered by the moderator, Gracy Chunjanglu, FAN member while the closing speech was presented by Nungshitemjen Jamir, press secretary, FAN. A special number was presented by Mhaphruonuo Rutsa.

Films personally curated by Mazumder were also screened during the event. The films including Khovrino (Russian), Goodnight Colombo (Sri Lankan), Far-Away (Indian), Silence (Bangladeshi), Sincerely Yours Dhaka (Bangladeshi), Karbala Memoirs (Indian), When the Earth Sang a Song (Indian) were later screened.

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