Nagaland Joint Christian Forum appeals for statewide prayer day

The Nagaland Joint Christian Forum (NJCF) has appealed to all the Christians in the state to hold a statewide prayer programme on March 20.

According to the NJCF, Nagas are in distress. It further said that the “the Naga political settlement which we term as ‘solution’ is creating fear and uncertainty in the minds of our people”. In this regard, the Forum has written letters to the heads of all the denominations in Nagaland while asking them to organize a day of prayer.

The NJCF then said that the Naga people are faced with a “confused situation in our Naga political movement.”  It added, “The need of the hour is not to attack and counter attack but to come together and face each other face to face to seek our common ground”.

The letter of the NJCF then stated, “We don’t seem to be moving forward”.  As such, the Forum said, “We must acknowledge that God is in control and we must seek his wisdom and guidance even during this critical stage of our history.”

The NJCF then said that “we must resolve our differences, humble ourselves, seek God’s forgiveness in repentance and trust God in this uncertain time in our history”.

The NJCF then appealed all denominations to organize prayer of confession, repentance and prayer for the Naga political solution on March 20 from 6 am to 12 noon. The Forum further appealed the Nagas in other states of the North East to join in this “national prayer day.”


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