Nagaland Rock Band ‘About Us’ releases smashing single ‘Gimme Gimme’

About Us, a rock band from Nagaland, has released their brand new single ‘Gimme Gimme’ on their official YouTube channel.

Since its premiere on 28th April, it has already been viewed more than 24k times and gained more than 800 comments within a span of 8 hours.

This smashing single has gained the attention and earned the respects of many music lovers.

“Speechless. Being born in the 80’s Era, Rock music has always been the backbone of my whole system. Finally I am too proud to share that After decades the image of Naga Original Music is finally back” reads a comment from Bendang Walling.


Sent you a note the other day
Now every minute is an anticipation
Saw you give a smile the other day
I missed a heart beat for a pretty second glance

Do you really want my attention now?
Or is it gonna be the other way round?

Gimme gimme gimme all your love
Do you really want me on my knees?
Lemme lemme lemme in your heart
I gotta know before I go (2x)

Out there on the streets of pain
With every change its gonna be alright
Messed up, can you see me crawl?
Just turn around and heal this bleeding heart

When every signs are saying let me in
So you and I are gonna make it now?

About Us is an experimental hard rock musical band from Nagaland. The current band line up:  Sochan- vocals; Renlamo- Guitars; Ponn- Guitars; Soren- Bass; Lich Kithan- drums; and Renbomo: Keyboard.

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