Nagaland: RPP commends state govt’s decision to oppose UCC and FCA


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Dimapur: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) said today that the decision of the Nagaland state government to oppose/repudiate UCC and FCA in a special session of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly is most welcome.

The Nagaland based political party also said almost every political party, civil society organisation and the church had opposed either FCA or the UCC, and the NDPP-BJP coalition has done the right thing in opposing these two contentious matters without any reservation.

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On the two contentious issues, the RPP said almost every Naga had opposed the FCA and the UCC, “and the unity of purpose shown gives rise to the hope that despite our differences Naga people can live together without being divisive and destructive”.

The RPP then congratulated all the “tribal hohos” and the churches for voicing their opinion on the two issues at hand.

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In the meantime, the state government is further advised to take the opinion of all the political parties in the state when it comes to prominent issues involving the state as a whole. “While differences certainly exists on matters of principle and governance, every political party in the state is working for the welfare of the people, and the RPP is no exception,” it added.

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