Nationwide protest against Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 on Nov 26: MeECL joins protest

The National Coordination Committee of Electricity Engineers and Employees (NCCoEEE) and the All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) are up in arms against the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and the Centre’s move to privatize electricity distribution companies (Discoms) with a nationwide protest on 26 November.

The employees of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd. (MeECL) will be participating in the nationwide protest against the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and the Centre’s move to privatize electricity distribution companies (Discoms) across the country.

Engineers, officers, regular and contractual staff employees of MeECL under the umbrella of the Coordination Committee of Registered MeECL (Employees) Associations and Unions (CCORMAU) will be participating in the one day nationwide protest, informed CCORMAU President P. K. Shullet in a statement issued today.

“These exercises of the centre are viewed as detrimental to the interests of the citizens of the country and hence all energy employees, various trade unions and farmers’ organizations have unanimously decided to protest against such a move on November 26, 2020,” said Shullet.

According to CCORMAU President, the protest will be democratic and peaceful with no disruption to or dislocation of work and that all works pertaining to consumers of the state shall continue as usual.

“The protest will be marked by wearing of black badges, sit-in demonstration and sloganeering during lunch hour as well as display of placards and banners in all the offices and stations across the state” he said.

The release from CCORMAU also mentions that MeECL employees will also display their resentment towards the discouraging and unproductive approach adopted by management in matters relating to various internal issues like habitual delay in disbursement of salaries, non-payment of medical reimbursement, ROP 2015 arrears, arrear DA, arrear EA, overtime, TA, transfer grant, issues related to terminal benefits to pensioners, availing of unnecessary loans by MeECL, regularisation of contractual staff  etc. which have caused much hardship to the employees.


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