NE student of Hindu College in DU faces racially motivated-assault


New Delhi: On September 20, 2023, a football match was scheduled to occur at the DDA Sports Ground in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, with the combined teams of Hindu College and Ramjas College against Hansraj College. Unfortunately, en route to the match, the football captain, a North-Eastern student [name withheld] from Hindu College, was brutally assaulted in a racially motivated attack by a mob in New Gupta Colony, Vijayanagara.

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On his way to the metro station, the student endured derogatory racial slurs, including the offensive term ching-chong (an ethnic slur common in North India to mock people from the Northeast region from the mongoloid stock, different from the mainlanders) following the verbal altercation, a group of local individuals arrived on a motorcycle, intensifying the situation. Tragically, the victim suffered a physical assault involving a knife, resulting in injuries to his neck, forehead, and facial areas. The severity of the attack left him in a critical condition, requiring immediate medical intervention.

A witness who observed the incident from their balcony, remarked, “Everything unfolded in the blink of an eye… Surprisingly, very few individuals rushed to assist, and by that time, it was nearly over.”

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The authorities have identified the four perpetrators and arrested them accordingly. Due to the attack, the football team was forced to forfeit the match, resulting in their disqualification from further participation in the tournament.

In response to the incident, the North-East Cell of Hindu College released a statement strongly condemning the event and urging relevant authorities to take decisive action.

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In a post on Instagram the same day, the NE Cell issued the following statement: “We are deeply saddened and outraged by the racially motivated attack against a North-eastern student from Hindu College. Such acts of violence and discrimination have no place in our society as a whole. In the face of hatred, we must unite as a community to fight against racism, discrimination, and violence and hatred.”
Several organizations, including SFI Hindu College, WDC Hindu College, and the North East Society of Zakir Hussain Delhi College (M), have issued statements in solidarity with the victim. The North-East Cell of Hindu College has issued a statement requesting everyone to respect the privacy of the survivor.
“We kindly urge everyone to refrain from sharing any images or information pertaining to this situation. We acknowledge that certain individuals are disseminating such content, so please remain vigilant in safeguarding the survivor’s privacy and preventing any disrespectful conduct. The relevant authorities are actively addressing this issue, and we are committed to ensuring that the perpetrators face the most severe penalties possible.”

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A Northeast student in DU who refused to be named said the incident is not an isolated case but rather sheds light on the discrimination faced by Northeastern students and individuals in the capital New Delhi.

Sources say the victim has recovered from immediate danger and is currently receiving attentive medical care.

Meanwhile, the arrested four are now in police custody, awaiting legal proceedings.

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