NEP 2020 panel discussion held at Kohima

A panel discussion on National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, organised by Nagaland Education Association in collaboration with the Directorate of School Education Nagaland Kohima at the Directorate of School Education Nagaland, Kohima was held on Saturday.

In the keynote address, Dr Bweyhunle Khing, Vice President, NEA, mentioned that the panel discussion on NEP 2020 is important and essential for the state and is the right platform as it includes all the renowned, and professional educationists who are the torch bearers. She mentioned that NEP 2020 drafted and approved by the Central Government, was amended to bring changes for the entire structure of Indian Education system and to reform the structure of Educational policy.

She then highlighted some of the important objectives of NEP 2020, the main vision being to enable all the learners by providing high quality education and to explore and also to make the nation a global leadership in the field of economic growth, scientific advancement, cultural preservation, social justice, equality and learners to avail by giving opportunity to choose their own courses for students from school to university level and at the same time by giving due exposure to vocational Education too and also to recognise and identify the unique capabilities of each student’s and encourage them to have holistic approach in both academic and non- academic sector. She appealed  to everyone to join hands together to make the Educational system as one of the best providers of quality education.

The panelists included Principal Director, School Education Shanavas C, IAS, former Director SCERT Vipralhou Kesisezie, Professor, Department of Education Nagaland University Prof. Buno Liegise, Advisor All Nagaland Private School Association Pheluopfelie Kesiezie, Professor and Head of the Department of Education Nagaland University Prof Rakesh Rai, Chairman NBSE, Asano Sekhose.

Principal Director School Education Shanavas C, IAS said that the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) is a comprehensive framework for elementary education to higher education as well as vocational training in both rural and urban India. He said the policy envisages a new curricular and pedagogical structure for school education which is responsive and relevant to the needs and interests of learners at different stages of their development. He also said this policy aims to shape an education system that benefits all. He further said that one of the main focuses has to be more on content and results which will now pave a way that aims to encourage cognition and creativity. 

On the question raised by one of the participants on the eligibility test for recruitment, Shanavas said that basing on the new policy, Large Teacher Eligibility Tests will be strengthened, to include to reflect a score that will be taken into consideration during recruitment. A minimum of 50 hours of participation in such CPD is required in a year. He further said assessment  and other methods will be put in to measure the  student learning and understanding. Shanavas acknowledged that the panel discussion is to sort out how to implement the policy and to have more ideas whether it will suit in the state

Former Director SCERT Vipralhuo stated that the new education system is meant to build a future citizen to fit into the social, cultural, and economic processes of the nation. He also said the main focus in the policy is on tracking performance based on learning outcomes. The tests will be on core concepts and knowledge, higher-order skills.NEP-2020 has envisioned making the examinations easier to test core capabilities and competencies. He added that the policy will transform the assessment system by reorienting teachers. The boards of the future have to be different from the way they are functioning today.


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