Newly elected UNC president spells out priorities


Imphal: Newly elected president of United Naga Council (UNC), Ng Lorho said that the Naga political issue will continue to be the UNC priority. “Of course, the Naga political issue will continue to be our priority,” Ng Lorho asserted.

In an exclusive interview with Witoubou, the chief editor of Newmai News Network this afternoon at the latter’s office premises in Bengali Colony, Mantripukhri, Imphal, the new president of UNC said that unless the Naga political issue is resolved, peace will not prevail in the region. However, the UNC leader said that the Naga political issue is not an easy one. “The nature of the issue is such that it takes time to resolve”, he also said. However, the UNC president asserted that the Government of India should also display “political will” to resolve the issue.

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Talking about the second priority of the UNC, Ng Lorho said that better understanding with the “neighbouring communities” is extremely important. In this regard, the UNC chief said that the UNC team will continue to work hard so that better understanding among communities is prevailed.

Ng Lorho then said that strengthening the Naga Hoho is also very important. “The UNC will also continue to work hard to strengthen the Naga Hoho,” he added.

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It can be noted here that Ng Lorho succeeded Kho John as the UNC president some two weeks ago. He is not new to the UNC team. He had held an important post in the earlier UNC term.

Ng Lorho has come a long way working for the betterment of society.


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