Ngainga Celebrates Mangkhap Phanit (Festival)


Ukhrul, July 31: Marking the end of tranplantation of rice in the paddy field, the Ngainga Village celebrated Mangkha Phanit in a grand manner.

Khangamkhai R Shimray, headman of Ngainga, informed that “Mangkhap Phanit is a festival celebrated after farmers complete cultivation of rice in their paddy field. However, this year, due to less rainfall and scarcity of water sources, the festival is celebrated lately. In the past year, our village usually celebrate this festival in the first week of July.”

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Mangkhap Phanit is celebrated to invoke the creator blessing for safeguarding the transplanted rice in the paddy field for a bountiful harvest.

In Ngainga village of Ukhrul District, Manipur, the villagers celebrated this very festival by lighting “MEILA” (pine pitchwood) in their respective village compound.

“With the climate change, the transplantation of rice in the paddy field has affected the farmer. Some farmers who are dependent on “AKANGLUI” (terrace field) could not transplant rice in their paddy field due to insufficient source of water” added Headman of Ngainga. He stated that the villagers would extend help to those farmers who could not transplant rice in time in their paddy field this year.

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“High yielding variety of rice issued by government department is prone to attack from insects and other infection. The indigenous variety of rice is more resistant to such attcak by pest and insects” addedHeadman of Ngainga.

The three day long celebration begins on 28 July and wind up on 30 July 2023. The whole village was light up with pine pitchwood at 6:30 pm and concluded the celebration by offering a prayer in the church.

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