NGARIN: 41-year-old housewife turns entrepreneur in manufacturing footwear products


Ukhrul: Worya Raleng, a 41-year-old housewife from Ukhrul district’s Teinem village, currently residing at Yaingangpokpi has started an entrepreneurial endeavor called NGARIN.

The business deals in manufacturing finished footwear products, especially slippers.

Speaking to Worya Raleng, a mother of two daughters who lived in Delhi for almost two decades told Ukhrul Times, “As the name NGARIN suggests, the vision of my business is to make quality product available for everyone – the rich, the poor, the towns folk, the village folk alike.”

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She told that the business started from a capital investment of around 2 lakh since 2019. The business operation currently employs six employees. One of her first staffer is a father of five children, Zingthanshang Raingam, related to Worya, from Thoyee village who is being trained on the production of the footwear products.

Worya Raleng furhter told, the resources and materials for production of the slippers are sourced from Relaxo Bahamas brand. “While a product of the Relaxo Bahamas slippers cost Rs 225 in the retail market, the same product is manufactured and sold by NGARIN in retail price at Rs 160 only. Almost 30% cheaper for the same product. The wholesale price is even more appealing,” she added.

At the moment NGARIN has a physical store in Yaingangpokpi and is so far, the only available outlet.

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