Ningmareo Shimray releases Transforming Strategy Of Teaching And Learning; dedicates to welfare of students’ community


Ukhrul: Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Kengoo Zuringla on Friday released the book “Transforming Strategy Of Teaching And Learning” authored by Ningmareo Shimray, recipient of National Awards to Teachers (2021) at DC Conference Hall, Ukhrul. Simultaneously, the Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul also launched two books by the same author titled “New English Pronouncing Skills Training” and “New Model Of Spelling Bee Competition” in the presence of ZEO Ukhrul, President and colleagues of Ukhrul District Teachers Welfare Association (UDTWA).

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Speaking at the book release and launching programme, Kengoo Zuringla expressed gratitude to UDTWA for publishing the book and organising such an event. “I can imagine the number of hours, the number of pains, the number of labours that the author has put in and also sometimes even to the point of disappointment and maybe even faced a situation when he felt like there was no one to support him. We are grateful to his wife for her unflinching support and for always being there. As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”, so congratulations to his wife. I believe this book will surely benefit both teachers and students and it will go beyond boundaries, beyond Manipur state and community. Definitely, this book will have a good impact on our education system.”

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Ningmareo Shimray expressed immense delight at the publication of the book. He stated that “the book is about new teaching and learning techniques for teachers and students. From long years of teaching experience, I found that the failure of the education system in our district is not solely due to the shortage of teachers, lack of infrastructure and financial inputs but because of the system failures – the way we write (handwriting), teach (teaching methodology) and speak (pronunciation). The book is written with the sole objective of transforming both students and teachers in three parts – New strategy: Teaching and learning Mathematics (which is indirectly applicable to any other subject). New strategy for learning calculation skills: Discovery of the Bi-quartet Number System and its applications. New strategy for learning English pronunciation: Development of the Concept of Sub-syllables in English and its application.”

“The book aims to introduce a new system of teaching and learning. Mathematics is a number game, pronunciation is a letter game and learning is a word game” added Ningmareo Shimray. 

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Ningmareo Shimray further continued “In early 2019, I conducted a series of experimentations and found that the main hurdle to learning any subject or language of any standard is the lack of reading skills. The only way to overcome this hurdle is to learn pronouncing skills. In 2020, I developed the Concept of Sub-syllables in the English language, which is non-phonetics, which is to learn English pronunciation efficiently. Significantly, it has helped the students.”

The author dedicates his book to the welfare of the students’ community to learn with fun and joy. Ningmareo Shimray has been teaching mathematics to students of Classes VIII-XII for the last 20 years. His endeavour is to teach students that mathematical problems can be solved by themselves through a new strategy. The strategy is to enlighten and assist slow learners in overcoming many hurdles and greatly enhance fast learners’ performance. The book aspires to train mathematics teachers to teach students to write well (both Arabic numerals and alphabet), write fast, calculate fast and solve mathematical problems by themselves.

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