NINGOL CHAKOUBA SPECIAL: Foods of Manipur with Raju Nong

Ningol Chakouba is a festival of the Meitei community observed in Manipur and across the Manipuri diaspora on the second day of the month of Hiyangei, which usually takes place in late October or November month of Manipuri calendar.

‘Ningol’, meaning, married daughter and ‘Chakouba’, meaning, invitation to a grand feast at the daughter mother’s house, ‘Mapam’. The son of the family, traditionally offer the invitation one week in advance, to his sister/s. Ningol Chakouba is a special traditional festival when parents welcome their wedded daughters for the feast in their finest traditional attire with their children.

Manipur comes alive in Ningol Chakouba because of its rich diversity of colourful communities. The festival is aptly the epitome for all the communities as it brings together all the inter marriage families between Meitei and other communities. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly called Manipur the Jewel of India for she is truly the melting pot of rich culture wrapped amidst nature’s pristine beauty.  

Foods of Manipur Episode 4 presents a special Ningol Chakouba Edition from Lemli village, Ukhrul where we prepared traditional wallago catfish curry (Sareng), Deep-fried Rohu fish curry, mashed mixed vegetables, and steamed vegetables.

Foods of Manipur Episode 4

Foods of Manipur is an attempt to showcase various types of traditional Manipuri dishes & cuisines; prepared heartily amidst Manipur nature’s abode.

LOCATION: Lemli- Nongpi, Ukhrul.

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Foods of Manipur – RAJU NONG
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