No adjectives in Mao language, A One-Day Webinar on Mao language

A One-Day Webinar on Mao language, aimed to promote and develop Maola will be conducted on the 11th of June 2021, organised by Asufii Christian Institute Research Cell.

Rev. Dr Fr William Nepuni, Secretary, Mao Academy will deliver the keynote address on the topic ‘Understanding the importance of Maola/Vernacular language’. Dr Sahiinii L. Veikho, a linguist who is an Assistant Professor at Asufii Christian Institute will lecture on the topic ‘No Adjectives in Mao language; an update from the database project at ACI, Mao’

The Mao Academy along with the institute of Maola department at ACI and community scholars are pursuing, making good progress in recent times, to introduce Maola as a subject for the Bachelor of Art course under Manipur University.

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