No confidence motion moved against incumbent Chairman/Vice Chairman, ADC, Senapati

HHE | Senapati, July 23: Seeking immediate and necessary action as mandated by the provision under Section 23(3) of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971, 13 elected Councillors out of 14 from the Naga People’s Front (NPF) paraded before the DC, Senapati, asking her to issue meeting notification at the earliest at DC Office, Senapati today, stating that the leadership of A Kapani as the chairman is now a minority.

While terming themselves as to have discharged their duties as responsible members, sincerely and faithfully to safeguard the interest of public represented by them in the district council, 14 signatories of the NPF Councillors out of the 24 stated that the functioning of the Autonomous District Council, Senapati under the leadership of the incumbent Chairman and Vice Chairman are in the nature of running a private business only to meet the interest of few selected members which led to a situation of unmanageable state of affairs that resulted to lack of transparency and financial mismanagement.

The 14 councillors stated to have lost confidence in the leadership of the incumbent Chairman and Vice Chairman of ADC, Senapati.

Therefore, considering it proper not to support the present Chairman/Vice Chairman of the ADC, Senapati forthwith, in the interest of the general public and to safeguard the sanctity of the ADC.

In view of the stated reasons, the elected Councillors requested the DC, Senapati to take up immediate and necessary action in pursuance of the present requisition for convening a meeting for the purpose of consideration of no-confidence motion under section 23(3) of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971 against the incumbent Chairman led by A Kapani of ADC, Senapati forthwith.

Suspension of financial transactions in respect of ADC, Senapati has not been ordered till date, though no confidence motion was moved by the NPF Councillors since July 10 last, source from the NPF councillors stated.

The same copy was reportedly submitted to Addl Chief Secretary, TA & Hills, Govt of Manipur on July 13 last, it added.

As per norms, the NPF Councillors alleged that suspension of such financial transactions should come immediately once no confidence motion has been moved in the ADC.

An application was also reportedly sent to Commissioner (Hills), Govt of Manipur in the past.

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