NPF belongs to the Nagas, committed to Naga political issue’: Chief Dr Shurhozelie

Naga People’s Front (NPF) president, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu asserted today that “anyone who goes against the official candidates of NPF is going against the NPF party and going against the NPF party is going against the Naga people”.

Addressing an election campaign at Shajouba under 48-Mao (ST) assembly constituency in Manipur for Losii Dikho, Dr. Shürhozelie said that NPF belongs to the Naga people and each and every Naga people is a member of the NPF party. “Ever since the NPF (with cock symbol) is given birth in the midst of blood and tears by our forefathers and parents, it is committed only for the issue of the Nagas and the Naga political issue as its foremost priority. So, any Naga joining other political parties is considered as misadventure”, he added.

The NPF chief then reiterated that his party is a political party for every Naga as it was formed with the objective of bringing an early solution to the Naga issue and spreading the party to all the “Naga inhabited areas is the best achievement and joyous moment for all the Naga people”.

Dr. Shürhozelie also recollected how he was filled with emotion and moved to tears when he unfurled the NPF party flag in Manipur State and stated that the objective of spreading the party to all the “Naga inhabited areas” is solely to work for all the Naga people across all borders.

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Dr. Shürhozelie then expressed his regret that the Naga people have forgotten the sacrifices made by four of its MLA during the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly by resigning from the Assembly in protest against the anti-tribal bill passed by the then Ibobi led Congress Government and urged upon the people that the sacrifices of the NPF party should not be forgotten. He also added that no other political parties will let their sitting MLAs resign from the Assembly but the NPF took “such an extreme step only for the interest of the Naga people”.

Speaking on the “rumours the involvement of the Naga National Groups” favouring certain candidates in the coming election in Manipur, Dr. Shürhozelie said that he never believed that “our national workers will favour any political parties or candidates stating that our national worker will not stoop so low and, therefore, no one should malign any of our leaders”. He, therefore, called upon the people not to be swayed away by rumours but make their own decision wisely.

Dr Shurhozelie also said that NPF is a coalition partner in BJP led Government in Manipur but there is no written alliance commitment with the BJP. He added that the NPF has supported the Biren Singh led BJP Government as an association with it (BJP) and the NPF is committed with its decision so it has not let down on any occasion to the BJP.

In his campaign speech, the NPF president also asserted that its official candidate Losii Dikho will emerge as victorious and called upon the people to vote in favour of “the victorious candidate”.

Kuzholuzo Nienu, MLA who is also the team leader of Senapati team in his speech asserted that NPF will be the king maker in the next formation of Manipur Government and “so going against the NPF candidate is going against our own future”.

Kuzholuzo then claimed that NPF is the only party that upholds the Naga people and its aspirations and if anyone consider themselves as Naga then they should support the NPF, adding that “we cannot allow other political parties to come on our behalf to speak for our rights, but NPF is the only political party that can fights and speak for the Naga people”.

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He then questioned, “Can any other political parties stand and speak in the Manipur Assembly for the rights of the Naga people?” He claimed that NPF is the only party that can be bold enough to stand and speak for the Naga people in Manipur.

The official candidate of the 48-Mao constituency, Losii Dikho in the speech asserted to commit himself for the stability, peace and development for the people of elected and stated that NPF will play a crucial role in the formation of the next Government in Manipur.

Dr. Lorho S Pfoze, Lok Sabha MP of Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, while speaking on the occasion said that NPF is the only party for the Naga people and NPF is the only party that solely works for the aspiration of the regionalism spirit of the Naga people.


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