NSCN-IM and NNPGs join hands for Naga solution

Dimapur: The NSCN-IM and the NNPGs have moved another step forward today towards working and collaborating to find solution to the Naga political issue. As one of the outcomes of the “September Joint Accordant” of September 14, 2022, the NSCN-IM and the NNPGs came out with another joint statement today, facilitated by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), to form ‘Council of Naga Relationships and Cooperation’ “to explore, at the earliest, realistic ways for Nagas to move forward on the basis of Naga historical and political rights.”

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The statement was jointly signed by N Kitovi Zhimomi, Convenor of the NNPGs, and Q Tuccu, Chairman of the NSCN-IM.

The joint statement then said, “In affirmation of this position, the NNPGs and the NSCN on this day declare our unconditional commitment to collaborate on the basis of our respective agreements, with immediate effect, for the resolution of the Naga historical and political rights with the Government of India”.  It added, “To the Naga people, we appeal to you to stand with us to prevent any further division of our share belonging.”

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It then said that this joint statement is a “political speech of the undeniable Naga soul.”

The joint statement entitled, ‘Nagas are moving ahead’, also said, “In times of crises in the Naga movement, Nagas have always survived.” The statement added, “Today, the loud chorus of the day from different directions converge us to action for the shared future of the Nagas.”


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