NSCN-IM clarifies on Naga-American Council

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Dimapur: The NSCN-IM has clarified today that Washington D.C. based Naga-American Council is in “no way connected” to the former in any manner.

In a statement, the NSCN-IM said that, significantly, the Indo-Naga political issue has come to be recorded as one of the oldest political issues in the world. “Naturally, it has drawn the attention and sympathies of many international organizations around the world. For the same reason, the Washington D.C. based Naga-American Council is one such organization that has shown keen interest on the Indo-Naga affairs. Though the organization’s objective is targeted towards establishing cooperation in socio-political issues for promoting peace and development in Nagaland, it is in no way connected to NSCN in any manner,” the NSCN-IM stated.

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It then added, “While we appreciate the concern of Naga-American Council on the ongoing Indo-Naga political development, its comments and statements on the Naga issue dated April 14, 2023, doesn’t reflect the official policy and stand of the NSCN/GPRN”.

Clarifying further, the NSCN-IM said that the Naga flag is the identity of Naga nationhood and doesn’t have different meanings as mentioned by Naga-American Council press statement. The NSCN-IM also said that such “bewildering” understanding of the flag with respect to the Naga flag is highly regretted. “We understand that the Naga-American Council must have given their interpretation of the flag from American context and not from Naga context,” it further added.

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The NSCN-IM then recalled that the August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement between the Government of India and the NSCN/GPRN recognizes the Indo-Naga conflict as political. It also acknowledges the unique history and position of the Nagas and the Framework Agreement was signed on the cornerstone of sovereignty, the NSCN-IM also said. It also stated that there is no ambiguity in the Framework Agreement. “Therefore, in the Indo-Naga political agreement the Government of India must honor and implement in letter and spirit the Framework Agreement and recognize the Naga national flag and constitution,” the NSCN-IM asserted.


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