NSCN-IM irked by comments of BJP and NPF leaders

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Dimapur: The NSCN-IM said today that it was noticing recently that “Nagaland BJP ministers and NPF political leaders are using unparliamentary and intemperate language with reference to Framework Agreement, Naga National Flag, Constitution and integration. Terming as outrageous statements from these politicians, the NSCN-IM said that such move of the former would “be tantamount to overstepping their role as facilitators when they started jumping beyond their assigned role, making bewildering statements on Naga solution”.

In a statement, the NSCN-IM said that the Naga issue is something nobody wants to prolong. “More so is the NSCN. Every single Naga has had enough of torment connected to the Naga issue and thus, the huge burden loaded on their heads,” the statement also said. “Irrespective of who we are as individuals or party, we have to admit that the Naga political issue is getting more sensitive by days and for many it is an extremely emotive experience to say the least,” it added. This demands, according to the NSCN-IM, a careful handling without resorting to derogatory outburst with rhetorical embellishments.

The statement then said that the Naga issue is not something that has cropped up recently. It further said that more than 6 decades of struggle at the cost of hundreds of thousand lives and loss of properties speaks volumes of why it continues to spit fire. “Thus, many of the Nagaland state BJP ministers and other party leaders are not able to fully appreciate its complexities and intricacies involved and simply allowing themselves to be carried away by their election syndrome,” the NSCN-IM furher added.

The statement also mentioned that Nagas have tasted the bitter fruits of the past accords/agreements, “and there is no way that we should make another blunder to allow ourselves to be flattered again”. It further said that the Naga issue is a sensitive issue because it encompasses the historical and political rights to exist as a free people. The NSCN-IM added that this demands that the Naga solution should be issue based solution guided by the principle based movement that has lasted for over six decades.

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The statement then said, “While we appreciate the enthusiasm shown by the state elected political leaders it would be tantamount to overstepping their role as facilitators when they started jumping beyond their assigned role, making bewildering statements on Naga solution”. It added that this will in no way help build the desired atmosphere as expected from them. “They should resist the temptation to go overboard and throw further confusion in this sensitive juncture,” the NSCN-IM also said.

According to the NSCN-IM, it has not signed the Framework Agreement without applying our political insight. “We have been guided by our intuition to safeguard our sovereign rights and dignity as a people and as a nation. This is the reason why we have stood our ground and never for other vested interests as wrongly perceived and projected recklessly to jeopardize the sanctity of Naga issue,” the statement also said.

According to the NSCN-IM statement, it is very amusing why Nagaland BJP ministers and other party leaders are spitting venom against the NSCN. NSCN signed the 1997 ceasefire to have meaningful political dialogue with the Government of India in order to establish lasting solution that is honourable and acceptable to the Naga people. Despite the deadlock like situation, the NSCN-IM said it stands for exploring every available means to find the meeting point towards Naga solution. It added that no amount of efforts will go wasted if the negotiating parties are equally determined to find the elusive solution. Mutual understanding and respect should be the driving force to take the stakeholders to the common ground, the NSCN-IM stated.

The statement then said, “What is of interest to the NSCN is if the loud rumble of the state BJP and NPF leaders is done with the blessing of their high command or the rumble is a mere reflection of an unstoppable juggernaut”. The NSCN-IM, however, asserted that it will not be cowed down into submission under the relentless campaigns to come to terms with the centre when it is way too short of coming up to the common target of “honourable and acceptable settlement to both the parties.”


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