Office of the Ukhrul Zonal Education Officer issues new school regulations

File photo: Ukhrul Times

Ukhrul: Office of the Zonal Education Officer, Ukhrul RK Makaohei Singh issued a notification on Friday.

The following regulations is to be strictly followed by each and every school under the jurisdiction of Zonal Education Officer, Ukhrul. According to the notice:

1. All the schools are mandated to take attendance for every period. Students below 75% attendance shall not be eligible for any activity including examination. 25% of the attendance may be sanctioned as leave on relevant grounds through application submitted by the parents.

2. Each school authority should issue photo ID card with all the relevant details so that students can be easily identified by their uniform and photo ID.

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3. Principal/Headmaster should contact the parents of any students in case any student is not following the guidelines.

4. School authority should ensure all the students not to leave the school campus during school hours without approval of Principal/Headmaster. Students must wear school uniform and Photo ID card while they are in school and for other school related activities.

5. All teaching and non teaching staffs shall remain within their school premises during school hours.

6. School students who drive or ride motor vehicles are usually below (18) eighteen years of age and are ineligible to drive without valid Driving Licences. Therefore, Police department is being requested to invariably check for licences of all such students seen driving motor vehicles in school uniform.

He further mentioned that the inspectoral team of the undersigned will inspect any school at any time to ensure the fulfilment of the above guidelines for necessary action.

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