Officials of Ukhrul, Kamjong Disperse For Election Duty


Ukhrul: Polling officials and security personnel for various polling stations in the Ukhrul and Kamjong districts were dispersed smoothly for election duty by the respective DEOs of the districts.

As part of the final batch for deploying officials and security personnel for election duty, the DEO of Ukhrul dispersed officials and security personnel on Thursday for the 87 polling stations falling under the 44-Ukhrul and 45-Chingai Assembly Constituencies.

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In today’s deployment of polling teams, 34 teams are assigned to 45-Chingai (ST) AC, with the remaining 53 allocated to 44-Ukhrul (ST) AC. This includes 44 men’s teams, 43 women’s teams, and 1 Special Polling Station team.

The two assembly segments collectively have 93,869 vote

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