One-Day Political Conference of Salam Joy Singh held at Samurou Awang Leikai

Three years you have suffered with injustice because of BJP government: Bhakta Charan Das.


A one-day political conference of INC candidate Shri Salam Joy Singh for the upcoming special election of 22-Wangoi A/C was held today at the Community Hall of Samurou Awang Leikai. The conference was attended by distinguished guests including Bhakta Charan Das, AICC in-charge Manipur and former Union Minister; K. Govindas, Chief Whip of CLP and MLA, N. Loken, MLA, Kh. Joykisan, MLA, Punnam Rani Wangkhem, General Secretary, MPCC, S. Jeeten, General Secretary MPCC, Shri Shyamjai, PCC member, Wangoi A/C and office bearers of MPCC.

Speaking at the function, AICC in charge of Manipur, Bhakta Charan Das highlighted that there had been rapid rise in rape cases in the country during the BJP rule. He asked if it was it right to give vote to BJP who had never treated women with respect. He also stated that the BJP government ought to give employment to 12 crore youths but they had made 20 crore youths jobless.

“I assure you if you give your valuable vote to Congress, we will be the strongest government and always stay with you in all your ups and downs. I am here because Sonia Gandhi ji and Rahul Gandhi ji have entrusted me to work for this party and for the people of Manipur. My political work is meant for the people only and according to the choice of the people. We will do as per your way. We will only do what is better for the people of this motherland,” he stated.

He further asserted, “Three years you have suffered with injustice because of BJP government. Now I want everyone to carefully think if you still want to give your vote to them.”

Lastly he appealed to the people, on behalf of Rahul Gandhi and Congress party, to cast their valuable vote to Salam Joy Singh and to let him have the opportunity to stand on the people’s side through all their thick and thin.

Kh. Joykisan MLA criticized the present government for repeatedly questioning what Congress had done for Manipur in 15 years when all they have done is undo what Congress did for the state. He said, “One thing the BJP government always says is that they have reduced the frequency of bandhs and blockades, which is very true. And it (bandh or blockade) reduced because it was done by them and their affiliates so naturally, when they form the government, the bandhs and blockades will stop.”

“We have also heard the claim of the present government of how the relationship between public and police has improved, like it was ever in a bad state. The very security force that keeps the peace in the state and brings law and order is made to be seen as criminals that were tamed only when they came to power. How do we put faith in this kind of government?” he questioned.

He further said, “Congress does not do that kind of politics. What we want is to get votes from the public sincerely with no pressure of any kind. Let us open our eyes. What we need now is a free and fair government in the state. If Shri Salam Joy wins in this by-election, a positive change will come to Wangoi A/C as well as in Manipur.” Kh. Joykisan appealed to the people of Wangoi to cast their valuable vote to INC candidate Shri Salam Joy to help make that change happen.

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INC Candidate Salam Joy said, “We have been putting all of our efforts since 21st October from hoisting flags to conducting political conferences at various polling stations of the A/Cs at Wangoi, Samurou, Iram Siphai, Meijrao and Govindgram. But today I am beyond privilege to say that this whole campaign comes to a wrap at my birthplace polling station 22/4, Wangoi. So, this very last political conference is a bit more special to me. Even though it is obvious that fights and disagreements are bound to happen as the by-poll is nearing, we must ignore and pay no attention to such and instead move forward as our only goal is to attain victory in a calm and collected way.”

He added that if any workers from other political party had come to bribe   the public, such people should be handed to the Wangoi Police Station and let them known that their valuable votes do not equate to few rupee notes. He also acknowledged the fact that the security personnel, who were deprived of food and sleep and have been working from morning till night in safeguarding the situation, must further be co-operated by the public until the bye-polls have ended.

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