Online News Magazine from Ukhrul going live

We are happy to announce that our newly-launched online news magazine ‘The Reportaze‘ has gone live since last weekend. It’s basically an online magazine dedicated to coverage of important current happenings in the twin districts of Ukhrul and Kamjong, presented in the form news reportage.

The main motivation behind this venture stemmed from the ever-growing need, in the present day digital era, for an independent, yet professional, platform to provide the outside world with ample window on the events and situations unfolding in this remote part of the globe. After all, the rise of the internet is fast changing the global media landscape like never before.

We believe that it is in line with the motivation and also, this transformation, that we embarked on this new venture. We also believe that by taking our ideas off the ground, we don’t take it as an end in itself but rather a beginning step towards a greater goal of serving the community with what we call ‘real journalism’ in an era of fake news, popping up every to create unwarranted confusion among the masses.

So here, we are, ready and committed to strive for higher levels in our professional dispensation. As a platform for the common masses, we remain focused on our commitment to conduct in-depth investigations and present only the facts of the affairs and in a simple language as far as possible.

To begin with, we have come with just a few areas of target coverage under the assortment of latest news, especially of Ukhrul and Kamjong districts as of now. As stated above, our platform will be more of a periodical magazine-news style than that of a daily proposition. Having said that, we will operate in a breakaway fashion and news updates will largely depends on the current happenings around us.

Rest assured that any major current news from Ukhrul and Kamjong are just a click away.

The Reportaze team

Click here to access The Reportaze website. Facebook.

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