Opening new door: A Closure


IN AN UNUSUAL MEMORIAL of a woman who died a year earlier, her parents and lone brother chose to grieve in grace by speaking about her death, in a solemn commemoration on June 3rd at Don Bosco Campus, Dimapur, instead of hushing it up and forgetting. Chakreni A Mao, lovingly known as Abo by her family and friends committed suicide after battling with bouts of depression for as long as 10 years. She was healing and planning for higher studies, leaving Delhi for good. Which she did–Forever.

In what is almost a taboo-uncomfortable and unspoken in most communities, people gossip and Churches shun burials of anyone who dies of suicide. The family of Abo changed the fate of it and opened up a conversation for people with depression and families living with one. The memorial perhaps will be a part of healing for everyone battling with the silent sickness.

Dr. Ngully, the first Naga psychiatrist and a rare one at that, shared, “Suicide is not an act of cowardice. It is a desperate attempt to end an excruciating pain.” Sometimes, our inability to understand mental health and agony makes us insensitive and even make the family feel awkward or guilty when such unfortunate death occurs.

Dr. Ngully appealed, “Don’t ask why the suicide. Ask why the pain.”

A song Abo wrote in December 2019 sang by two of her friends Chapeji and Manini Caroline Rajina in the memorial narrate of such pain and yet, whispers hope to those in pain.

Dear whoever may be out there with whatever

Make it back, make it home

Only know you’re not alone

Whatever pain you swear by

There is hope in you forever ‘cause love is real,

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