Paper Birds – The 90s kid

We laugh like it’s 1992

We dance like the Britney song will never end,

We drink from our plastic cups watching the stars disappear 

Some enchanting evening with our jitters and our glitters,

Slow dancing to I don’t want to miss a thing 

We don’t want to miss a thing, do we?

From chasing paper birds to chasing dreams,

Our carefree souls dabbled in rebellion;

We don’t know how we started this era so young 

We don’t know how to end this era so ancient,

If only we can compress our essence into a time capsule;

Ours is a generation of love that decides for an entire decade

Our minds so brilliant and bright,

The only game we know is the race against time,

There’s plenty of strength left in our spirits 

There’s plenty of time for us to exuberate,

Yet so little time to relish the beauty of this era –

So many dreams for us to accomplish in this realm,

Yet so little time left for us to leave a mark for the future world 

So little time left for us to break these myths –

Yet we fight against this pattern of time like it’s our last

We try to harness the impossible law of nature,

We celebrate our existence like the paper birds that we are.


Chirmi Shimray is the author of ‘Raw – Perfectly Flawed’ and ‘The Sea and I’.

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