PM Modi in Tripura: Decades of Congress Communists rule hindered development

Agartala, Feb 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the opposition Congress and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) alliance while appealing to vote loudly for the BJP in the Tripura Assembly Election 2023 to be held on February 16.

Addressing at Tripura’s Ambasa under Dhalai district on Saturday noon, PM Modi said “For decades, the rule of Congress and Communists hindered Tripura’s development. The BJP government brought development to Tripura. Violence is no longer Tripura’s identity. The BJP has made the state free from fear and violence.”

He said, “Earlier the police stations in Tripura were occupied by the CPM cadre, but now under the BJP rule, there is rule of law in the state.”

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Speaking about women empowerment in the poll-bound state, Modi said, “Now, there is women empowerment in the state and life is easy.” Appreciating the state’s development under BJP rule, the Prime Minister said, “5,000 km of roads were built in Tripura to connect its villages. A new airport terminal was also built in Agartala. Optical fiber and 4G connectivity being brought to villages. Now, Tripura is going global. We are developing waterways to connect Northeast and Tripura with ports.”

The BJP has declared candidates for 55 assembly seats while leaving the remaining five seats for its alliance, the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT). The Left-Congress alliance has also announced its candidates for all the 60 seats.

Launching his election campaign in the state, PM Modi said, “The BJP government in Tripura is focusing on increasing the income of the people. Money has been transferred to the bank accounts of farmers under PM-Kisan. This amount will be increased after BJP comes to power again. Under our rule, farmers are getting the benefit of MSP (minimum support price).”

Meanwhile speaking at an election rally in Tripura’s Radhakishorpur under Gomati district here on Saturday afternoon, PM Modi said, “You have to ensure that every single vote in Tripura should go to the BJP. Your vote is very valuable, and the right choice, ‘Kamal’ (Lotus), will take Tripura to next level of development and prosperity.”

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He said “You have come from so far away to bless the NDA and the BJP. This ground full of zeal and enthusiasm is telling what the results of the election are going to be. Your coming here in record numbers is announcing the return of the BJP government. Seeing your numbers, our opponents will lose their sleep. Today the whole of Tripura is saying only one slogan i.e. once again – BJP government’.”

“The dreams of the poor, tribal community, women and youth of Tripura were shattered by the Left and Congress regimes. They had forced the people to leave Tripura. Getting electricity and water was also like chewing iron”, he added.

Along with this, Modi said that “if you removed the leftists, the result is also in front of you. Today Tripura is getting free ration. If anyone has benefited the most from this, then my mothers and sisters have benefited”, he added.

Tripura Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha accompanied PM Modi at Ambassa and Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb accompanied the Prime Minister at Radhakishorepur.

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