Smoked Pork with bamboo-shoot

#smokedpork + #Axone + #freshbambooshoot + #frozencherrytomatoes as the main ingredients & spices and it’s a mind blowing Combo!! Please try, if you haven’t. The pork is lightly slow smoked for a day or two only.

IMG 5140

The recipe ~ Cook Axone (be generous), cherry tomatoes (regular will do but cherry changes the game), salt and pork pieces together. After a while add dry Chillies & Chilli flakes and 7-8 roasted & crushed Sichuan pepper. The Bamboo shoot I used had been pre-boiled and stored. Add them towards the end along with ginger leaves and awusu (Sumi name for hot variety ginger).

IMG 5141 1

Lastly, raw Chickpea mixed in the Mango pickle gravy, which is another zabardast combo and compels you to go for 3rd round if not 2 for sure!

IMG 5142 1

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