PPFA slams Communist China over renaming several Arunachal localities


Nava Thakuria

Guwahati: Denouncing the hopeless attitude of the Communist regime in Beijing to rename several localities of Arunachal Pradesh, a forum of nationalist citizens in eastern Bharat, urges the Union government in New Delhi to ratify its stand on Tibet as being an independent nation, so that China will never remain a neighbouring country for India. Patriotic Peoples’ Front Assam (PPFA) also asked the Chinese Communist leaders to respect the sovereignty of a nation which became their neighbouring country only after grabbing the land of 14 Dalai Lama. “China does the tricks very often to draw the international media attention with an aim to cover up their invasion over the Tibetan people and their holy land in the 1950s, following which Param Pavan Dalai Lama had to escape Potala palace and take refuge in Dharamshala of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. I

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