Prince Rafael of Cappadocia Condemns Violence Against Women in Nagalim, Urges Immediate Action for Justice


Prince Rafael of Cappadocia has expressed deep concern and condemnation for the egregious acts of violence against women in Nagalim. Shockwaves from the reports of public humiliation, stripping, and gang rape of innocent women in Manipur have reached the Kingdom of Cappadocia, underscoring the enduring challenges faced by women in India.

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Prince Rafael, unwavering in his belief in the power of unity and solidarity, stands firmly with the people of Nagalim who have endured these heinous acts for over seven decades. He asserts that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves a life free from fear, oppression, and violence.

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In response to the outcry, the Naga community in Manipur has united against these despicable behaviors, demanding justice for the victims. Renowned Indian human rights advocate and journalist, Vaishnavi Thakre, has raised poignant questions about how such horrifying incidents against women have become normalized in India. Thakre has also spotlighted Prime Minister Modi’s seemingly detached response, choosing to tweet about personal matters rather than addressing the pressing issue at hand, four months after the Manipur riots began on May 3, 2023.

Dame Commander Grace Collins, a member of the Order of St. Helen and Honorary President of Nagalim, likened this attitude to a modern-day variation of Marie Antoinette, expressing concern over the lack of empathy for justice.

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Prince Rafael emphasizes that indifference to suffering within one’s own jurisdiction contradicts the principles upheld by the Royal Order of Constantine and St. Helen. This esteemed order champions valor and encourages support for the vulnerable, exemplified by the establishment of “Saint Helen’s Homes for Women and Children” – sanctuaries providing shelter, medical care, psychological aid, and spiritual support, offering a path towards healing and empowerment.

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Deeply moved by the plight of the Nagas in India, Dame Commander Grace Collins shared a poignant YouTube video with the Order’s members, drawing attention to their struggles. Prince Rafael reaffirms his commitment to the Nagas’ quest for freedom and independence by signing the attached Royal Proclamation, emphasizing the urgency of extending assistance to those who have suffered and calling for an immediate halt to the violence.

Prince Rafael extends a warm invitation to individuals of all ages and backgrounds to join the Monacle Order of the Principality of Cappadocia. The Order serves as a sanctuary for healing, providing safe havens where individuals can reclaim their lives. Another Senior Royal of Cappadocia echoed, “We pray that our collective voices from around the world will be heard.”

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