Rahul Gandhi: ‘Saffron party’s chief coming to Manipur to cheat people’

Photo: Rahul Gandhi/Facebook

Imphal: AICC leader Rahul Gandhi said today that the Congress stands against BJP’s one nation, one language and one culture. Rahul Gandhi said this while addressing an election rally of his party in Imphal.

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress respects the state’s ideas, languages and culture while alleging that the BJP wants to impose uniformity in the country. “This idea of the saffron party will destroy the language and culture of a state”, he added.

Rahul Gandhi then said, “When BJP, RSS come to Manipur, they come without a sense of understanding.
They come with a sense of superiority.”

While taking a dig at the BJP government’s oil palm cultivation in the states of the northeast including Manipur, Rahul Gandhi said that the intention of this project is not for the development to bring forward the states but at the behest of the big businessmen associated with the saffron party. He also said that introduction of oil palm cultivation will not be a boon for the farmers of the region. Besides, the project will destroy the ecosystem of the region, he added. “On the other hand, Congress would like to give emphasis to horticulture and rice plantation in the region as the party is committed to making the state self-reliant in food production while protecting the ecosystem of the region,: Gandhi further added.

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He added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to the state only to cheat the people of the state, to suppress the democratic values of the state. “But, the Congress always stands firm against the ideology of the BJP. For the Congress, it is very clear that language, culture and tradition of each state of the country should be respected”, he reiterated.Rahul Gandhi further said that leaders of the Congress including him are coming not with the sense of superiority but with humanity. “That is the difference between us (Congress and BJP). I am here to learn to grow your ideas, culture, and language while BJP leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming here with an air of superiority. He (Modi) comes to tell you what he thinks,” Gandhi said.

AICC leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi always make many promises which never converted into action. He then asked whether the BJP had translated into action creating jobs to solve the unemployment problems. “Whether the promise of increasing farmers’ income double has been materialized? Had the BJP government transferred Rs 15 lakh each to the bank account of every citizen which the party had promised?”, Rahul Gandhi further asked.

The AICC leader was addressing an election rally in Imphal today.

Soon after his arrival at the Imphal Airport, Rahul Gandhi went straight to the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) office in Imphal’s BT Road from where he proceeded to Shahid Minar and Nupi Lan Complex and paid floral tributes to the “brave war heroes” of the state and women leaders who revolted against the British.

Later, he addressed the Congress election rally at Hatta Kangjeibung in Imphal. AICC leaders including Jairam Ramesh and Bhakta Charan Das who have been camping in Imphal and local Congress leaders also addressed the occasion.

In his speech, MPCC leader and former state chief minister O Ibobi Singh cautioned the people that BJP is going to destroy the future of the state. At the same, he swore that Congress will protect the state from destruction by the BJP.

Voting on the 60-member assembly will be conducted in two phases on February 28 and March 5. Votes will be counted on March 10.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi said that instead of development, the BJP devastated the country. He was taking a dig at the Prime Minister Demonetization and GST. “Now, the Prime Minister is going to destroy your future with palm oil plantations. He wants to destroy your beautiful state,” he also said. “This is not our vision for Manipur. Our vision to pay equal respect to smaller states like Manipur too and develop at par with other big states of the country,” Rahul Gandhi said

The AICC leader then said that if the Congress returns to power again in the state with the blessing of the people in the ensuing polls, the party will revive the MSME sector and promote food processing and tourism.

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The Congress leader then mocked at the Prime Minister’s ways of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. “You saw what the Prime Minister did during Covid. The whole world was suffering from this virus. On numerous occasions, in the Parliament, I told the government that Covid is going to devastate India. We need to take action. We need to prepare ourselves,” Rahul Gandhi also said. “I was ridiculed by the BJP and by the government and the Prime Minister, his solution is a fascinating solution. His solution was to tell the people “Thali Bajao (ban utensils)”, he added.

“You are laughing but he is the Prime Minister. You know these are the ideas that the Prime Minister of India has. These are the ideas which will give you tomorrow.”

After the Thali Bajao failed, he came up with a new idea “mobile phone ka light challao (flash the light of mobile phone).

The Prime Minister never thought of providing enough oxygen cylinders and ventilators. It also happened in Manipur, thousands died because of lack of facilities, Gandhi further alleged.

Rahul Gandhi arrived in Imphal on a few hours visit in Manipur to campaign for the Congress candidates in the ensuing polls to the state Assembly.

Jairam Ramesh had mentioned a day earlier, “As history repeats itself, the Congress government will be installed in Manipur after the 2022 election and after 2014 at Centre”.

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