Rajnath Singh: Centre ready to hold talks, bring end to Northeast insurgency


Imphal: Union Defence minister, Rajnath Singh has invited “insurgency” organisations of the Northeast region to come to the negotiating table. “The Centre is ready to hold talks with the insurgency groups in the Northeast region,” he added.

The Union Defence minister who arrived in Imphal today said this while taking part in the flag hoisting ceremony of BJP candidates.

Addressing the flag hoisting ceremony of party candidate Karam Shyam at Langthabal here, the Union Defence minister claimed that since the BJP-led NDA government came to power at the Centre, insurgency problem is easing in the Northeast region of the country. “In Manipur, too, the insurgency related violence has come down to its lowest level”, he further claimed while saying that it was possible after the BJP was given a chance to form a government. Rajnath Singh further said that the BJP is committed to bring an end to the insurgency.

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The Union Defence minister then said that every problem should be resolved through dialogue and the Centre is ready to hold talks with “insurgent” groups operating in the Northeast region. The Union minister also said that when the BJP-led government was formed in the Centre, the party promised to put a check on insurgency problems in the country. “We keep the promises,” he claimed and added that BJP never made a false promise. 

Rajnath Singh then came down heavily on the Congress, alleging that Manipur and other states of the region are lacking behind in all sectors as the party (Congress) neglected the state and the region in its 70 years tenure. “Since the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in the Centre in 2014, the developmental pace got accelerated”, he said. “After the BJP-led NDA government was formed in the Centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a pledge that a light of development will be given to the region”, he added.

The Defence minister then said that the Centre also took up steps to provide good roads, rail and air connectivity to every state of the region. “Now, rail reached Manipur after 75 years of independence,” he said. Rajnath Singh then said that the Congress should be ashamed of this “because it had done nothing to improve the connectivity of the region so as to bring closure to the region to the mainland”. The Union Defence minister added that Manipur was known for frequent bandhs and month-long blockades on the national highways.  “However, bandhs and blockades are now things of the past. BJP has created such a situation that there are no bandhs and blockades in the state now,” he added.

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