‘Ready to assist’ in Manipur: U.S. Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti; Manipur & NE in World Wars


Imphal: The U.S. ambassador Eric Garcetti has said the United States is ready to help Manipur if asked upon. The ambassador was interacting with students on his visit to Kolkata on July 6.

According to a report in The Hindu, Eric Garcetti was quoted saying that the violence and killings in Manipur are a matter of “human concern” and the U.S. is “ready to assist” India in dealing with the situation “if asked” on Thursday. The ambassador further told The Hindu, “Let me speak about Manipur first. We pray for peace there. When you ask us about the concern of the United States, I don’t think it’s a strategic concern. I think it’s about human concern… You don’t have to be Indian to care when you see children and individuals die in the sort of violence that we see [in Manipur] and we know that peace is the precedent for so many other good things. There have been so many good things in the northeast and the east here and those can’t continue without peace,” said Mr. Garcetti in response to a query on whether the U.S. establishment was concerned about the violence in Manipur.

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It is worth noting that the Northeast India ties with the United States and the British, especially in the context of Manipur in the Two major World Wars brings the state into focus. Manipur, one of the eight states in the Northeast region roiled in ethnic-conflict since May 3, 2024 has claimed over 120 lives and displaced at least 60,000 people. There are at least over 90 temporary relief camps housed in different districts of the state.

History of WWI & WWII

Northeast region’s Manipur state played a vital role in the formation of Indian Labour Corps in 1917 in response to the British Army’s need for manpower to aid in the war efforts. The Labour Corps played a crucial role in constructing and maintaining infrastructure, such as roads,

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