Ringsaratah, ‘Lui zangta usa’ Tangkhul folk fusion song


Ringsaratah folk fusion band has just released a folk fusion song, Ringsaratah, a song about seed-sowing.

In a traditional Naga culture and way of life, seed-sowing festival unites each villages in colourful traditional celebration, marking the start of the year, and for good harvest.

Ringsaratah originality, given the minimal use of musical instruments accompanied by the soothing dominant vocals of Ramchanphi, Zanmei, Asing Ac and Moc makes it all the difference.

The music video is sponsored by Focal Point Studio

Lyric by Hekchui

Video editor by Ramreipam Ahum

Music by Asing Ac

Ringsaratah will be also available on our online streaming service, UTflix.com from today evening onwards for free.

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