Ringui Luira̱ 2024 celebrates Manipur’s rich cultural heritage themed ‘Nurturing Our Culture’

Photo: Sorenzan vashum

The vibrant celebration of Ringui Luira̱ Phanit 2024, unfolded in a splendid display of cultural richness and tradition at the grand cultural night held on Saturday. Hosted by Phapha Gachui, Miss Manipur 2016, the event aimed to cherish and preserve the cultural heritage of Manipur under the theme “Nurturing Our Culture”.

The distinguished event was graced by K.G. Daigong, Director of R &DM, Government of Manipur, as chief guest who delivered an impassioned speech in the local Tangkhul dialect, emphasizing the pivotal roles of both mothers and fathers in nurturing children while also advocating against drug usage.

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Chuimeila Keishing, former Assistant Professor at Dyal Singh College (DU), and guest of honor, ignited introspection by questioning the audience about the essence of their cultural celebrations and urged them to reflect on their connection to their roots, particularly highlighting the importance of activities like tending to the paddy fields.

Among the special guests were notable figures such as Ngakuimi Kumrah, CEO of SPFC. DSSS, Roland Ningshen (MCS), Project Officer at RD & PR Secretariat, Imphal, and Wo

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