RN Ravi speaks: exhorts on Christian spirit of truth and non-violence on Advent Christmas day

He emphasised (in his speech) on the eventual invincibility of truth which could be temporarily eclipsed by the lies of vested interests but never extinguished.

File photo: DIPR Nagaland

Nagaland Governor R N Ravi, while wishing merry Christmas to the people of Nagaland, recalled Mahatma Gandhi as one of the greatest disciples of Jesus. Ravi said that the “Sermons on the Mount” touched Gandhi’s heart and awakened in him the purity and power of truth and non-violence which became the cardinal principles of his personal and public life and liberated India from the colonial rule, according to a DIPR report. 

R N Ravi was speaking during the Advent Christmas celebration organised by Nagaland legislators at State Banquet Hall (New), CMRC in Kohima on December 12, 2020. 

The Governor then reminded the legislators that they were the chosen people and exhorted them to be conscious of their responsibility of bringing enduring peace to the suffering people of Nagaland in true Christian spirit of truth and non-violence and be the blessed peacemaker. He emphasised on the eventual invincibility of truth which could be temporarily eclipsed by the lies of vested interests but never extinguished.  

Kethoser Kevichüsa was the main speaker of the event.

Kethoser is a speaker and trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. 

While speaking on the occasion, Kevichüsa said that peace is one thing which everyone is longing for at this juncture. He said, “Peace will never come to us unless we first forgive and make ourselves peace with the Lord Saviour Jesus Christ”.

 Kethoser then urged the gathering to forgive others in the name of “our Lord saviour Jesus Christ and let peace be in our midst, taking the advantage of forthcoming Christmas”. 

Christmas greetings were delivered by Minister Higher Education, Technical Education and Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along, while Advisor Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Dr Neikiesalie Kire presented a special number. 

Legislators along with their wives presented special numbers. Harmonic Voices and MAK also presented special numbers during the service. 

State Chaplain, Rev T W Yamyap Konyak was the leader while Khyochano TCK was the pianist during the service. 


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