RPP says Nagaland Adhoc teachers’ issue must be resolved politically

Dimapur: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) said that the ongoing All Nagaland Adhoc Teachers’ Group (ANATG) agitation can only be resolved politically and therefore the teachers are advised to stop talking with the bureaucrats in the Directorate of School Education (DoSE).

From day one, according to the RPP, the political leadership should have addressed the issue, led by the Advisor of School Education himself “but it’s disheartening that despite the serious nature of the agitation our leaders are yet to respond to the teachers’ plight.”

The RPP further said that only the intervention of the Chief Minister himself can resolve the issue. The RPP advised that the teachers continue to stand their ground till the state cabinet takes a positive decision.

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“It is inhuman that our politicians should remain silent when day after day teachers are being hospitalized including one lady teacher in serious condition,” said the RPP. “Who shall be responsible if any untoward incident happens?” it asked.

The RPP then reminded the “NDPP-BJP coalition partners” to get their priorities right and “stop their whispering campaigns against each other over the issue for petty political mileage”. It further said, “If at all the NDPP or the BJP were really serious, these two parties would have come out openly in support of the teachers by now and got the job done”. The RPP alleged, “But it is obvious the NDPP-BJP leaders are treating the teachers as political pawns and the RPP is fed-up of their disgusting game of one-upmanship”. It then questioned, “What kind of coalition government is this where both the partners are trying to pull down each other’s pants over the literally suffering bodies of teachers?”

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“The only conclusion we can draw from this episode is that these NDPP-BJP leaders are sick humans without any moral qualms and ethics,” the RPP added.

At this juncture, according to the RPP, the agitating teachers are once again reminded that they should  not fall prey to any commitments whatsoever short of regularisation.


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