RPP to work for new Nagaland

File Photo: RPP

Dimapur: As the assembly election draws near, the Rising People’s Party (RPP) has made a clarion call to build a new Nagaland by supporting ‘right candidates.’

In a press statement, the RPP also thanked the people of Nagaland for putting their trust in the RPP’s ideologies as “we draw nearer towards” the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly general elections. “The RPP from day one of its inception has been advocating good governance, rule of law, self-reliant economy, women and youth empowerment and clean election; and the party still stands affirmed in its vision for a new Nagaland,” it added.

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The RPP then said it has in the past appealed on numerous occasions to the people of Nagaland the importance of electing honest and God fearing candidates and nominating such individuals from their respective constituencies to bring about ‘true change’ which we all envision.

The Rising People’s Party said it “stands on the belief that unless God-fearing young men and women rise to lead our people, Nagaland will remain the same for another five years and the change in our system we all aspire for will continue to be just a mere dream.”

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Therefore, the RPP made a clarion call to the people of Nagaland, especially the youth, women and right thinking leaders to come forward to fight together for a new Nagaland and also pray and support the RPP candidates contesting the upcoming general elections. “The RPP believes that a public uprising of fresh new leaders with a tribal/regional mindset is the only option for progress, development and safeguarding our identity, culture, tradition and religious practices,” it further added.


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