RPP writes to PM Modi to impose President’s Rule in Nagaland


Dimapur, Dec 2: The Rising People’s Party (RPP), the youngest political party in Nagaland, petitioned the Prime Minister of India to impose President’s Rule in the state of Nagaland.

In the memorandum, the RPP said that the “grass-roots of Nagaland strongly support” the zero-tolerance approach of the Central government. The RPP memorandum also said it felt the Prime Minister will take action on the subject matter in the interest of public good. “In this regard, 3446 people from various parts of the state, and even beyond,  a good many of them young people, took part in the Change.Orgonline signature campaign(https://www.change.org/p/rpp-demands-president-s-rule-in-nagaland ) for President’s Rule initiated by the party,” the memorandum also said. The rationale behind the campaign is for numerous reasons.

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According to the RPP, the state is a witness to systemic corruption, fiscal mismanagement, fraudulent withdrawals, misgovernance, non-development, misuse of public funds, etc., “as pointed out by the CAG reports and NITI Aayog indices”.

The memorandum also said, “As your authority is aware, there is an ‘oppositionless’ UDA government in the state supposedly formed to bring about a ‘Naga solution,’ and whereas all the members of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly have expressed their desire to step down towards the fulfillment of this cherished goal. In this regard, the imposition of President’s Rule can facilitate Naga settlement, the RPP added.

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 The RPP further said that the people of eastern Nagaland under the aegis of ENPO (Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation) have expressed the desire to have their own separate state, that is, “Frontier Nagaland.” The ENPO has also resolved that they will abstain from participation in the elections (for the 20 seats out of 60) to the 14th NLA slated for February 2023, said the RPP. “As such, a constitutional crisis looms large, which will only accentuate the issue once the ECI issues notification for the general assembly election. In order to resolve the impasse peacefully under the requisite constitutional provisions it’s requested that President’s Rule be declared in the state without delay,” it added.

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 The memorandum then concluded by saying, “Given the financial crisis and the constitutional impasse arising out of ENPO demand and the Naga issue, the Rising People’s Party once again pleads for President’s Rule in the state”.


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