RT PCR tests in Meghalaya for COVID high risk states travellers

Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat beside others.

Meghalaya Government has decided to conduct RT PCR tests on people coming from coronavirus high risk states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat beside others.

“We have  decided that the people coming in from few of the very high risk zones like Maharastra and some other states we are now making it mandatory for them to do the RT PCR Tests also that notification has also come out,” Chief minister Cpnrad Sangma told reporters on Thursday.

Stating that the states can adopt Meghalaya model in terms of coronavirus management, the CM said,  “You have noticed we are making it mandatory before people coming into the state to get tested and those who don’t have COVID free certificate they are tested at the entry point point so that is the only way to do it and this entire process of first starting this registration of the tourists coming in has also helped us a lot and as I said this is the model that lot of states can adopt in the long run because it will help us in doing the contract tracing very quickly in the future and also keep a track of the overall tourists who are coming in so these this thing will be helpful.” 

Further, the Chief Minister mentioned that the Prime Minister was very particular on was the fact that the travel is there we need to ensure that we keep a very strong watch on the travel aspect so he has also asked the states to ensure that the travellers and the tourists that are moving around should maintain some kind of information on that.

Stating that the state is better prepared and the predictability is better, the Chief Minister said.


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