SDSA serves ultimatum to GoM to lift internet ban in Senapati District

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Senapati: Senapati District Students Association (SDSA) has come out strongly against no action taken although the student body had issued a press release earlier, asking the govt of Manipur to lift the ban on mobile internet. The district apex student body on Wednesday issued an ultimatum to the state govt if their plea is not considered, warning them to go ahead with an indefinite economic blockade along NH-2 by 6 pm on October 5.

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In a press release serving the ultimatum, the Information & Publicity Secretary of the SDSA stated that the office of the Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) is truly disappointed and dismayed at the extension of the internet ban, despite their press communiqué issued on dated 29th September 2023, expressing their displeasure and grievances on the ban of mobile internet service in the district of Senapati where there is currently no law and order situation. Despite expressing their grievances and requesting the government to lift the internet ban in the district, the suspension of mobile internet services was further extended by another 5 days as of 1st October 2023, it said.

The release mentioned that they firmly believe that access to the internet is not just a privilege but a fundamental right that every citizen should enjoy without interruption. The continuous imposition of bans on mobile internet services across the entire state, even when issues are confined to specific areas, is not only unjustifiable but also infringes upon our basic rights as citizens of a free state.

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In this connection, the student body placed an ultimatum to the government of Manipur, to lift the suspension of mobile internet services immediately in Senapati district as it is a peace zone, it said. The student body expects the ultimatum to be met within 24 hours from 06:00 pm on 4th October 2023.

In case the government fails to meet the ultimatum within the stipulated timeframe, the student body made it clear that they would be compelled to take up further agitation to make their concerns heard. It said that they believe in peaceful and democratic means of expression, but their commitment to securing their rights is unwavering. Therefore, the student body warns to begin an indefinite economic blockade along NH-2 (Imphal-Dimapur) road starting at 06:00 pm on 5th October.

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The student body hopes that the government promptly takes action to reinstate mobile internet services in Senapati district, ensuring that the rights and aspirations of the people are respected and upheld as well as the suspension of mobile internet services is not imposed indiscriminately all over the state in any isolated cases of law and order situations.

The Senapati District Students Association urges immediate attention to the matter, as the internet ban has affected the livelihood, education sector, competitive exam aspirants and communication of residents of the district. The association stated to remain open to constructive dialogue and cooperation to find a lasting solution to this issue.

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