Seed Counting Day successfully organised at Laii Village


Senapati: Vafiimai (Laii) Baptist Women Society organised Seed Counting Day on Sunday. On the day organised every year, every household contribute every items of crops that grow by the family. The highest numbers of crop items contributed families are awarded by the Women Society. Some families contributed more than 100 items of crops on the day.

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Seeds counting day brings out all the varieties of crops that grow in Laii Village. The program was initiated to raise funds to sponsor missionaries by the Women Society. The Women Society could raise funds for nearly Rs 2 lakhs by the contribution of every household.

Laii Village is a hidden treasure of Manipur where every kinds of crops and vegetables grow well without any requirement of artificial inputs like chemical fertilizer, pesticides etc. Laii Village Women Society supported the Laii Baptist Church Women Society ‘Seed Counting Day’ and invited the Agriculture Department, Government of Manipur to the Seed Counting Day to promote the organic crops of Laii Village.

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Representative of Agriculture department, Government of Manipur- B. Hekha Mao, L. S. Lavei James, A Losii Mao and L Sani Khrasi (All from District Agriculture Office, Senapati) attended the program.

The women’s society expressed that if they get marketing support from Govt. of Manipur, Laii Village organic products can boost the economy of the village in particular and Manipur as a whole. Agriculture Officers also expressed appreciation for the enormous production of the villagers and also highlighted the importance of organic production. The officers visited some of the farmer’s farms.

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