Senapati DC inaugurates Street Library – Take a Book, Leave a Book

Senapati: The Poumai Naga Baptist Association (PNBA), Youth Department on the May 12, 2022 launched a project to set up a chain of street libraries around Senapati District Headquarters. The primary theme in engaging the project of the street library is to provide inclusive access to books and inculcate the culture of reading. The street library will serve as a fascinating space to share books, exchange innovative ideas, and connect people through the sea of knowledge. The principle motive is to maximize the engagement of information and minimize the burden of buying books.

The first chain of such libraries was inaugurated by Mahesh Hiralal Chaudhari, IAS, deputy commissioner, Senapati District, in the presence of his colleagues, students, teachers, religious leaders, civil society leaders, and well-wishers.

Street Library

Addressing at the inaugural program, Mahesh lamented, “The youth are misusing their time and potential rather than focusing to cultivate knowledge through reading.” He urged the citizens to make use of the facilities and pick up the culture of reading in the district. In his address, he lauded the PNBA, Youth Department for initiating a progressive program and further advised them to set up a street library every month. He also assured every possible assistance in improving such a significant project for purposeful future engagement.

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Mr. Liba Hopeson, director, Youth and Education Department, PNBA, speaking at the inauguration, explained the benefits of the street library and urged every citizen to utilise the library to one’s maximum capacity by reading and contributing books. “Everyone is an owner and nobody is an owner,” Hopeson said, as he briefed on how to use the street library. He requested visitors and contributors to “take a book and return the book within 14 days” for other readers to avail a fair opportunity.

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