Senapati Dist Police carry out campaign against drug menace


Senapati: The Senapati District Police on Saturday carried out rally against drug abuse and illicit trafficking under the vision “Share drug facts, save life.” The event was organised by the Senapati Police Station and Women Police Station, Senapati where different CSOs including the Karong Senapati Town Committee, Senapati District Students Association, Senapati District Women’s Association and other took part in the rally.

Addressing media persons, Stanley Keishing, OC, Senapati Police Station stated that with numbers of drug abuse rising in the region, the district Police carried out the campaign including poster campaign against drugs.

Similar program was also carried out at Mao Gate which was organised by the Mao Police in collaboration with Mao Civil Organizations under the vision, “Drug Free India.”

Tribalhood Festival

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Speaking on the occasion, Mao Town Committee president stated that it is not wise to use drugs and should be banned. The town committee had reportedly restricted sale of liquor in Mao areas since the past. Anyone found indulging in such trade would be penalised with heavy fines by the town committee along with the Youth with collaboration of Mao Police. Even in the past, the Mao Council, Mao Women Society and the Mao Students Union had earlier declared to state chief minister to ban all kinds of sale and trafficking of drugs in Mao areas. The Mao committee also fully support the mission of state Govt on “War on Drugs 2.0” and gave the message to stop sale of liquor and illicit trafficking of drugs in Mao areas.

Placards inscripted with “Hugs not Drugs, Drugs kill you slowly, Quit Drugs, choose life, It is easier to stay off Drugs than to get off Drugs, Drugs end all dreams, Say No to Drug, Yes to Life, Let’s develop our lives, our communities, our identities without Drugs, Stop Drugs, etc” were held during the rally.

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