Senapati observes World Mental Health Day, 2020

“We feel the sense of reaching out to our community, especially schools and colleges because half of the mental illness has its onset by the age of 14yrs.”

The District Mental Health Programme (DMHP), District Health Society, Senapati today observed “WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, 2020” with the theme “Mental Health for all: Greater Investment – Greater Access. Everyone, Everywhere.” at the New District Hospital, Senapati.

The event kicked off with the lighting of the inaugural lamp followed by a welcome address by M. Sokha, Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Senapati where she stated that “being mentally, physically and spiritually healthy are the wealth of a healthy person”. Reportedly, themes were chosen with the need of time; the theme of 2019 was ‘Suicide Prevention’.

The program was graced by Th. Kirankumar, IAS Deputy Commissioner/Chairman, District Health Society, Senapati as Chief Guest; M. Pradip, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Senapati as a guest of Honour and Pfokreho Pfoze, Chief Medical Officer/Director, District Health Society, Senapati as the President of the event. 

The event was also attended by Poumai Students Union, Mao Students Union and Maram Students Union; the doctors of the District Hospital; students and parents. 

Thereupon, Paveine Paulina Y, Clinical Psychologist, DMHP, Senapati briefed about the history, statistics and observance of World Mental Health Day, 10th October where she also clarifies the delay on its timely observance; reasons that the team anticipated on the result of the theme-based Song competition which was deliberated ultimately for a complete package on the auspicious awareness program. 

“We feel the sense of reaching out to our community, especially schools and colleges because half of the mental illness has its onset by the age of 14yrs.” She added as she reaffirms the audience of mental health awareness in the society. Meveine Kazia Sousho, Clinical Psychologist Counselor also mentioned about social stigma in the society expressing that the society must be vigilant with the source of news mainly focused on COVID 19. “Social distancing is not to be confused with social discrimination.’ she stated.

M. Pradip, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Senapati, Guest of Honour relates to the importance of communication during the mental and psychological disruption. He also emphasis on engaging in active physical activities and the eminence of intercommunication as well as reading motivational books to combat mental trauma. Th. Kirankumar, IAS, DC/Chairman, District Health Society, Senapati attributed the cause of communication gap amongst people and mentioned the responsibilities of being a human without ignoring the ability to employ one’s intellectual and emotional intelligence when needed.  He addressed the importance of unity and employed the idea of equivalency in society. He also used the examples of penguins on how they cluster together to garner more heat to survive. “We can fight mental health if we come together; however, the problem will still prevail if we do not carry out such awareness together,” he remarked in conclusion. The need to navigate stress within the threshold of the community was put forward by  Pfokrelo Pfoze, Chief Medical officer/ Director, DHS, Senapati while addressing the audience stating, “Sometimes, we are unable to accept that we are unique in our ways, given the reason if we can learn to accept ourselves it will solve many mental problems.”

With a vote of thanks from Ngouniba Peter, District Nodal Officer, DMHP, Senapati the event held from 2:30 p.m till 4: 27 p.m concluded with prize distribution to the winners of online Poetry Competition and Online Song Competition. The winners for Online Poetry Competition are

First – K.J. Hriichine, Lao Radiant Hr. Sec School (Plea of a Young Girl in Distress)

Second- Alfina Daziine, St. Anthony’s School (it’s okay to not be okay)

Third- Bhumi Chetri, Lao Radiant Hr. Sec School (Mental Health for all)

Consolation Prize was given to two participants namely

  1. Salene Mercy, St. Anthony’s School ( Be the Rainbow)
  2. Zoyia Kaisii, Bethany Hr. Sec School (Mental Health)

Winners of the song competition concerning song composition from the poems of the winners in the poetry competition are

First prize- KP Jenyma and D. Samuel (Be the Rainbow)

Second Prize- Bevei KS (Mental Health for All)

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