Settlement arrived at between UNC & COCOMI in Lucy Marem’s murder case, signs agreement; CM Biren assures justice

Imphal: Settlement in Lucy Marem’s brutal murder case has been arrived at said a letter purportedly signed between United Naga Council (UNC), Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) and chief minister’s secretary on Tuesday.

The agreement was arrived at in a meeting held between representatives of the UNC and COCOMI, joined by chief minister N Biren Singh including his minister and MLAs at 5 pm on July 18, according to the agreement letter.

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The representatives of UNC expressing their anguish at the brutal killing of Lucy Marem, a Maring Naga woman on July 15 at Sawombung, placed their grievances before the chief minister. “COCOMI, by owning up moral responsibility, expressed regret over the brutal killing of M. Lucy and tendered sincere apology before the Naga delegates led by the UNC,” the agreement said.

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The agreement was signed in the presence of Khashim Vashum, Transport minister, Dinganglung Gangmei MLA Nungba AC and chairman, Hill Areas Committee and S.S. Olish MLA Chandel AC, the letter said.

N Biren Singh while assuring justice for the murder, condemned the “inhuman crime shared his grief and sympathy with the family members of deceased and with the representatives of UNC. “Justice will not only be done, but also be seen to be done,” assured CM Biren, according to the agreement letter.

The following were agreed upon/noted between UNC and COCOMI:

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  1. It was agreed to ensure that the culprits shall be taken into custody and given befitting punishment in accordance with law. State Government and its agencies will ensure that the investigation is taken up with utmost seriousness and swiftness.
  1. State Government will pay an amount of Rs. 10 lakh to the Next of Kin of late Mrs. M. Lucy to fulfil the agreement as per Naga customary law.
  2. State Government will pay an amount of Rs. 5 lakh to meet ritual requirements according to Maring customary law.
  3. State Government will pay Rs. 5 lakh to meet the educational needs of Ms. Marim Shangpui, daughter of late Mrs. M. Lucy.
  4. State Government will provide employment to Ms. Marim Shangpui, daughter of late Mrs. M. Lucy, in a government post commensurate with her educational qualification when she becomes eligible in age for such employment.
  5. It was agreed that COCOMI shall initiate efforts to ensure that no such untoward incident / harassment is given to any community in future.
  6. UNC agreed to suspend all forms of agitation and extend cooperation to the police to facilitate early completion of investigation.

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