Seven member Naga Women peace delegation called on the Collective Leadership of NSCN IM in Delhi

apprised the NSCN IM leaders on the grave concerns of all Nagas at this crucial juncture and the call for an early inclusive peaceful settlement.

The seven member Naga Women peace delegation consisting of the Naga Mothers Association, Naga Women Union Manipur, women representatives from Rengma Hills, Assam and Naga tribes of Arunachal reached Delhi on the peace mission in collaboration and supported by the Global Naga Forum.

The Naga women peace delegation called on the top leaders and Collective Leadership of the NSCN IM on Saturday, the 19th September 2020 at Delhi. The meeting was held with the Chief negotiator Gen Secy Th Muivah, Chairman NSCN IM Q Tuccu, Vice Chairman Tongmeth and all, top senior leaders of the Collective Leadership.

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Photo: Global Naga Forum

The women delegation apprised the NSCN IM leaders on the grave concerns of all Nagas at this crucial juncture and the call for an early inclusive peaceful settlement.

As Mothers and Women who have borne the brunt of violence, armed conflict and militarisation, Naga women, old and young, have been peace makers and peace keepers for generations, having lived and experienced the long Naga struggle for sovereignty. They appealed for an early, inclusive settlement for peace, recognition of Naga rights and history in all Naga areas and shared the impact of armed conflict on vulnerable sections of communities, particularly it’s women and the younger generation.

The speakers from the women delegation were Prof Rosemary Dzuvichu, Advisor, NMA who also apprised the Leadership on the Global Naga Forum that consists of Nagas from all walks of life committed to the Naga cause, leaders of civil organisations academics, professionals including the Naga diaspora and formed to amplify the history of the Naga story and foster unity and better understanding among Nagas, Mrs Abeiu Meru, President NMA, Ms Asha Wungnam, President, NWUM, Ms Miriam Rengma, Rengma Hills Assam and Ms Yutan Sunya, Tirap, Arunachal.

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Photo: Global Naga Forum

The Ato Kilonser briefly narrated the history of peace dialogues with the GOI over the years and the demand that the Naga flag and working Constitution that has been agreed upon, which must be included in the settlement. Appreciation for the courage and strength of Naga women in protecting Naga rights and their role as peace makers was deeply acknowledged.

Other speakers included Rtd Grn VS Atem, Rh Raising and others from the Collective Leadership. A Naga morning lunch was hosted for the women peace delegation by the Ato Kilonser before the crucial meeting.

Courtesy: Press Statement by Global Naga Forum

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