Sex trafficking through selfie, online auditions

Yurri Asai | July 25: An online modeling platform, StormyTV, allegedly entices the young North East girls into sex trafficking by organizing online auditions and selfie contest, said Ronel Sourakpam, president of Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association.

“StormTV organized online audition, selfie contest through Instagram or their website and collect private photos and details of many young girls from aged 17-20 especially from North East states”. To get the attention of the young girls, it “offered cash prizes, opportunity to be a real model and contract works”, said in a press release issued by the BMSA on 23rd July 25, 2020 under the theme “Let’s save our sisters of North East from Online Sex Racket/ Sex Trafficking”.

The Students’ Organisation further warned the people that “due to the Covid-19 pandemic many North-East people lost their jobs and they are seeking for part-time/full-time jobs. These perpetrators are taking full advantage of the situation and trying to lure especially North-East girls. They will threaten and blackmail the girls once they trapped them and force the girls to join especially in Adult Jobs”.

The perpetrators tempted and lured the young North East girls with tempting websites and social media platforms. Shockingly some of our native people were also involved in the recruiting process, said Ronel in the press release.

The organization further cautioned every girl particularly from North East to take precaution and not to trust in any of the fraud companies, websites or online contest as it will ruin your life.

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